Hey! I'm a bookaholic from the UK. My name is Claire but I try not to advertise the fact because I really, really, reeeeeally hate that name. You have no idea how much I hate it lol.

I've been a reader for as long as I can remember, which is a bloody long time lol. I will read anything from classics to kids books but my favourite will always be romance, which is pretty ironic because any one that knows me will say I'm about the most unromantic person alive! ;o)

I love lots of genres within the romance umbrella. PNR (paranormal) is probably my fave but I enjoy most. I love a HEA and I hate cliffhangers in a big way. I'll still get the book but won't read it until the whole series is published lol.

Authors: While I'd love to accept every review request it's just not humanly possible but I'm more than happy to share. I'm not one of those sorts that refuses to share genres I don't read. While everything may not be my cup of tea, I'm sure that amongst the blog followers there's pretty much bound to be someone who will be interested. At the end of the day I'm here not only to share my love of reading but also to find things that my followers would be interested in too. So feel free to send any share requests. You can email me here. As I said, it's just not possible for me to accept every review request but you are more than welcome to ask. I don't have any set piece required for contact, I'm not that anal lol, just drop me a line.

Readers: If you've got any ideas how I can improve the blog or what you would like to see here please feel free to let me know. I'm currently in the process of setting up a page of permanently free books as we are all feeling the pinch and I've discovered some really great authors from freebies so watch this space. Yeah, any ideas, give me a shout.

TTFN & happy reading :)