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Title: Adrift
Author: Sarah Darlington
Release Date: May 30, 2017
Series: Kill Devil Hills #4

Ben Turner is back! After unsuccessfully faking his own death, he's back home in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. With no plans for college or the future, and hated by the town that once loved him, Ben feels like he’s drowning. Until he meets the girl next door, a runaway like him, and she changes everything.

**New Adult Romance. This novel is the fourth book in the Kill Devil Hills series, however it can be read as a standalone. Recommended for 18+

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There was so much pain in his voice, it made me want to squeeze my arms around him tighter and hold on forever. He found his mistakes unforgivable, but they didn't really matter to me. It wasn't like I was going to stop being his friend because of them. He was home now, he was trying to make it right. He showed remorse for his actions. That was the thing about Quinton, he never showed remorse. Not once for hurting me. Ben cared so much. It was an amazing quality to find in a man and my heart suddenly ached in longing. Breathing became difficult and a giant lump lodged itself in my throat. I realized how much I cared for this man, how much I wished I'd met him before Quinton, how much I wished he could be the father of my baby.

It was a scary, terrifying thought.

One that left me breathless.

One I only let myself think about for a fleeting second before I shoved it from my mind. Because a wish like that was unrealistic and pointless and something that would never come true.

So why waste even a single moment thinking it?

“We all make stupid mistakes sometimes. That’s part of being human,” I said, in some attempt to comfort him. I wasn't just talking about his mistakes either. The words I'm not Lilly Davenport were on the tip of my tongue. It suddenly felt like the right moment to tell him the truth about me. Except, he let his grip of my legs go.

My body slipped down his back and my toes hit sand.

“The buzz I had going is wearing off,” he said as he took a step away from me. In the moonlight, I could see his face well enough to see that it had hardened. He’d dropped his guard with me for a moment, but his walls were back up now and seemingly more fortified than ever. “And I’m not really supposed to leave the house after eight. So…”

I understood. He wanted to say goodbye now.

I didn’t though. I wanted more from him. Which was completely wrong of me. I realized how sweet Ben was. And attractive. Suddenly exactly my kind of attractive. And how completely off limits he was.

Wow, life sure had a way of kicking you in the gut when you were down. On top of being pregnant, broke, scared, and alone—I now had feelings for a guy I couldn’t have.

Thank you, irony.

“Goodnight, Ben,” I muttered. I moved swiftly, standing on my tip-toes, leaning in to give him a quick kiss on the cheek before pulling away. I left him, jogging up the beach in the direction of the Davenport’s house. I didn’t look back as I went inside.


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About Sarah Darlington
Sarah Darlington, a New Adult and contemporary romance author, lives in Virginia with her husband and two children. Best known for her Kill Devil Hills Series, she's also a former flight attendant, with a degree in school counseling, who harbors a huge passion for traveling. She's especially set on visiting all 50 states.
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My Review

Adrift (Kill Devil Hills, #4)Adrift by Sarah Darlington
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've read the previous books in this series and loved them. I was greatly looking forward to Ben's story. I super enjoyed it!

Ben is back from the dead. Literally. He's kind of stuck in limbo and has no idea of the direction his life is going to take next. Juniper is on the run from an abusive ex with not much more than the clothes on her back. She only knows she can't go back. She finds herself in Kill Devil Hills, where she meets Ben, a guy who's hiding probably as many things as she is.

I loved finally getting inside Ben's head. I wanted to understand what made him tick and, when I did, I really loved him. He was kind of lost. He was looking for something and he didn't even know what it was. I loved reading him grow in this book and find himself. I liked juniper a lot too. She'd had a pretty tough life so far but was still good and determined to move forward to better times. I don't think either of them expected the other to come along but I think it was perfect for both of them.

The writing was excellent and I was sucked into the plot straight away. It had it all. A little suspense, romance, emotional times with a little angst. It also had funny moments too.

I liked catching up with characters from previous books too.

This is the forth book in a series but can easily be read as a standalone. If you enjoy this though then you'll definitely like the others.

I'm a little sorry that this series is ending and it's goodbye but I'm super looking forward to more books from this author.

I super enjoyed this and would definitely recommend.

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