Foster An Author Week Spotlight - Kate Squires

This week I have been spotlighting Kate Squires as part of the foster an author promotion, organised by the awesome Jo & Isa Loves Books.
Read on for Info on all her books.

That Kiss (Book 1 of 2 - That Kiss, That Promise)

The road to love is never easy in Kate Squires’s delightful novel, That Kiss.
Chloe Shepherd and Matt Masen have been best friends since they were kids. But when they share a passionate kiss after a high school graduation party, neither know exactly how to react.
Five years later, Chloe is just launching a successful career as a Broadway dancer when Matt gets a job at the exact same theatre!
Despite having not seen each other since that fateful night so many years ago, their spark is immediate—and overwhelming.
Incredibly na├»ve, Chloe is still unsure of Matt’s feelings for her. Any attempts to fight her growing attraction are immediately put to rest after a passionate confession leaves them both head-over-heels.
But soon obstacles threaten the happy couple in the form of Matt’s vengeful ex-girlfriend and an eager outsider who wants nothing more than to make Chloe forget all about Matt.
Can Matt and Chloe wade through the lies and find their way back to each other? Or is their relationship over before it can even begin?

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That Promise (Book 2 That Kiss, That Promise)

Everyone’s favorite couple is back in Kate Squires’s wildly entertaining new novel, That Promise.
The highly anticipated sequel to That Kiss finds Chloe Shepherd, now a successful Broadway dancer, happily engaged to her longtime friend and lover, Matt Masen.
But their bliss is short-lived when Matt is offered a job in Los Angeles—meaning Chloe would have to leave her friends and career behind.
Meanwhile, an attractive Russian dancer has his eye on Chloe, which sparks fight after fight between the couple in response to Matt’s seemingly unreasonable distrust of him.
But after a short vacation to LA, it finally seems that Chloe and Matt might work through their problems.
That is, until two crises threaten to permanently derail their future: one that comes when Matt’s ex-girlfriend reveals a bombshell secret, and the second that puts Chloe’s future—and life—in jeopardy.

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I Will Catch You

From the author of That Kiss, and That Promise, comes another tale of romance and excitement!
Sydney Baxter likes her independence. She’s strong willed, determined, and well aware that her judgment, pertaining to men, cannot be trusted. 
When she meets a very sexy Ryan Underwood, she instantly becomes mesmerized. Unable or unwilling to shake her fascination with him, she sets out on a course that could possibly leave her vulnerable…again. 
From uncertainty, to volatile situations, many obstacles stand in the way of her road to happiness, but Sydney’s past is the biggest one. 
Is Ryan’s seemingly nice-guy image genuine? Can she trust him, or will he leave her even more damaged? Despite their ups and downs, can Ryan show her he’s not like all the rest?
As the elevator descends, so does my self-esteem. Ryan has seen a part of me I’ve tried so hard to hide from the world. A part of me that I’m so ashamed to admit is still inside me. A part of me which Keith created. And I hate myself for letting it out again.

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Tracing Hearts

Paired together as childhood pen pals, Sebastian Vaughn and Julia Bessette grow up writing back and forth. Even though they live worlds apart, their lives intersect in ways that no one could ever imagine.
As young adults, their paths initially cross, when a concerned Sebastian pays heartbroken Julia a surprise visit. The two spend only a few short days together, but the spark is undeniable. However, tragedy comes in all forms, and soon they're separated.
Fast forward a few years, and fate finds Army Captain Vaughn in a dangerous situation, where he’s forced to go into hiding. Out of desperation and a primal need to be near her, he unintentionally drags Julia into his treacherous world. Feeling responsible, he vows to protect her above all else, but will the cost be too high?
Meanwhile, Julia willingly goes on the run with Sebastian, sacrificing her way of life, and her safety, for the man she hopes is the one. She worries about his rejection, but more so than that, she worries about never again feeling the way she feels when she’s with him.
Can the couple make it out alive? Can they find each other in the process, or will it all be too much to bear?

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When Love Breaks

From the author who brought you That Kiss, That Promise, I Will Catch You, and Tracing Hearts, comes another tale of love and loss.
Elora Foster and Logan Turner never met, until the day she showed up on his doorstep. After a simple, chance encounter, the two embark on a journey that will change both their lives forever.
With good intentions and a heart of gold, Elora has aspirations of being a nurse. But, when she’s hired to take care of Logan, a double amputee, she’s instantly put off by his grouchy demeanor and bad attitude. She’s not sure if taking this job was the right move, or the worst decision of her life.
Logan, who was recently released from the hospital, has no intention of letting anyone take care of him. He’s sure there’s nothing that could change his hopeless situation, so he resigns himself to his fate. When he meets Elora, instant friction begins, but soon, he realizes there's something different about her. Try as he might to behave himself, he finds that his negative attitude upsets her frequently—and to his surprise, it bothers him.
As time moves on, the two become more acquainted, and strong feelings begin to grow, but a road block threatens to derail any relationship that might develop. Just when they think they’ve found a way around it, their lives take a turn for the worse, and they're both faced with a gut wrenching decision which has the potential to tear them apart.
Can she save this lost soul? Can he get over the past enough to see she’s the one? Can they work through the worst problem they’ve ever known, or will the strain be too much?

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