Foster An Author Week Spotlight - Nikki Belaire

Hey hey! I'm taking part in an awesome week which is the brainchild of the ladies over at Jo And Isa Love Books.
 My author that I am fostering this week is Nikki Belaire, author of the Surviving Absolution series.
Here is a little more about her and her books.


Wine & Whiskey
No longer controlled by her mother, manager, or former fiancé, pop star Shae Armstrong steps out on her own and into the path of Nick DeMarco, a wealthy investor with alleged ties to organized crime and real childhood scars to overcome. She wants to take it slow. He needs her now, in his life and in his bed. 

Nick’s enemies threaten her career, her friendships, even her sanity, but not Shae’s heart - the one thing Nick holds precious. He proves his love is real, and she stops running. Until everything around them falls apart, including him. He swore he would never hurt her. Instead, he almost destroys them both. Shae makes a dangerous choice, sacrificing her happiness for his, just like he always does for her. Now that she’s found her own voice, can Shae survive the challenges of living in Nick’s world?

Wine & Whiskey: Everything For You
The only woman Nick’s ever loved wears his ring and carries his baby. All the dreams he never thought possible have finally come true. Because of Shae. His sweet angel gives him everything he’s ever wanted. 

To be together, they’ve fought against their careers, her friends, and the demons from their pasts. Yet, nothing and no one has ever been able to sever the connection between them. After finding their way back to each other, Shae believes in Nick and his love for her. Accepting her absolute faith in him, Nick’s finally learned to trust himself. Their commitment to each other unwavering and complete. 

Yet, the perfect life remains just out of reach. Nick and Shae face the biggest challenge threatening their relationship. He’ll destroy any man who tries to steal the happiness she deserves. Can their love survive Nick’s plan to ensure Shae’s always safe?

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About Nikki

Romance author who spends more time in her characters' lives than her own. She loves wine, dim sum, and tiramisu, and runs to offset their impact. Nikki enjoys sharing her life with Hubs, Pre-Teen Princess, and Small Sir.

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