Blog Tour, Giveaway & Review - Souls Unfractured (Hades Hangmen #3) By Tillie Cole

Title: Souls Unfractured
Series: Hades Hangmen #3
Author: Tillie Cole
Age group: New Adult
Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance
Release date: 11th August 2015


"For fractured souls are like magnets.
Drawn to collide into an impossible bliss…"

Labeled a ‘Cursed’ woman of Eve from birth, Maddie has endured nothing but pain and repression at the hands of The Order’s most abusive elder, Moses. Now living with her sister in The Hangmen’s secluded compound, finally, Maddie, is free. Free from the suffocating faith she no longer believes in. Free from endless years of physical and mental torment.

Just… free…

At age twenty-one, the timid and shy Maddie is content to live within the confines of her new home—safe from the outside world, safe from harm and, strangely, protected by the Hangmen’s most volatile member; the heavily pierced and tattooed, Flame. 


The man who ceaselessly watches over her with his midnight dark and searing eyes. The man who protects her with a breath-taking intensity. And the man who stirs something deep within her numbed heart. 

But when circumstances conspire for Flame to need HER help, Maddie bravely risks it all for the broken man who has captivated her fragile soul. 

The Hangmen’s most infamous member, Flame, is ruled by one thing—anger. Plagued by haunting demons from his past, an all-consuming rage, and isolated by an abhorrent hatred of being touched, Flame's days are filled with suffocating darkness, pierced only by a single ray of light—Maddie. The shy, beautiful woman he cannot purge from his thoughts. The woman he has an overwhelming need to possess… 
... the only person who has ever been able to touch him. 

Flame’s mission in life is to protect Maddie, to keep her safe. Until a trigger from his troubled past sends him spiraling into madness, trapping him in the deepest recesses of his disturbed mind. 

His Hangmen brothers fear that Flame is beyond saving. 

His only hope of salvation: Maddie and her healing light.


The hand resting near her head inched forward in my direction. I stopped breathing as I thought she was going to touch me. But her hand stopped about an inch from mine.
I wondered what she was doing, when she said, “I like how your hand looks next to mine. It is so big and mine is so small. Yet I feel they look compatible.”
I focused on our hands and noticed that my hand was bigger than hers. Maddie’s little finger then extended, landing right next to mine. I thought of ripping my hand away, but something stopped me. I didn’t want her to touch me; I didn’t want her to be hurt. My touch only ever caused people to be hurt. But I left my hand where it was, our little fingers staring at each other.
“I sometimes imagine what our hands would look like, touching. What they would look like with our fingers intertwined. I wonder if it would make me smile. At times I daydream that it would be something we could do.”
Maddie’s voice was so quiet as she spoke. I couldn’t take my eyes off our hands. I tried to picture in my head what she described. I saw her hand reaching out for mine, but then I thought of how it would make me feel, and I shook my head.
  “Our hands can’t ever touch. I can’t… I couldn’t do it.”
Maddie’s lips pulled into a half smile, but water filled her eyes and her voice hitched.
“Why are your eyes filling with water? Why is your voice breaking?” I asked, confused. I had to understand what she was thinking. What she was feeling. I didn’t know, and I had to.
“I am sad, Flame. It makes me sad to know that we can never touch.”
The muscles in my stomach pulled tight with the knowledge that I’d made her sad. Then that warm feeling I’d felt cooled and I no longer felt good. “I don’t want to make you sad. Not you. I just can’t be touched. It makes the flames worse. I can’t touch you.”
“It is okay, Flame,” Maddie said in response, then she looked up at me and added, “Because I cannot be touched by a man either. But I dream about it regardless.”


Still awaiting other outlets.


Tillie Cole is a Northern girl through and through. She originates from a place called Teesside on that little but awesomely sunny (okay I exaggerate) Isle called Great Britain. She was brought up surrounded by her English rose mother — a farmer’s daughter, her crazy Scottish father, a savagely sarcastic sister and a multitude of rescue animals and horses.



It's Flame's turn!
I'm going to start by saying that even though I'm a big fan of Tillie Cole's books I put off starting this series for a good while. One reason is that I'm not over keen on MC books. I feel they've been a bit over done and apart from a few exceptions are all a bit samey. My other reason was that I knew these books dealt with some serious issues that I was concerned I would be uncomfortable reading. I had a difficult upbringing, to put it mildly and I was nervous that the areas touched upon in these books would hit a little too close to home.
After much deliberation I started the series and I am really glad that I did.

This story starts immediately after the events ending the last book. While I think it is important that it should be read first I think that this is written in such a way as it could be a self contained story and read as such. But as I said it is vastly improved by having read the previous instalments first.
Flame and Maddie are both lost in a way at the beginning of this story.
Maddie, small and seemingly timid, along with her sisters, has endured terrible abuse at the hands of 'The Order', the commune in which they grew up in. They've managed to escape this life, with the help of the motorcycle club, the Hades Hangmen.
Maddie is drawn to and fascinated by Flame, who she sees as her saviour.
Flame is equally fascinated by her and appoints himself as her personal protector. He is just as damaged inside as she is though. Maybe this is what attracts them to each other. Maybe it's like they are kindred souls.
Flame is complicated and deep, filled with self hatred and worthlessness. I'm a sucker for a broken hero and I loved Flame. He's seen unspeakable things and done unspeakable things but underneath has a strong sense of justice and what is right. He describes himself as 'different' from normal people. He speaks differently and has trouble communicating. He can't understand others emotions which leads to misunderstanding and frustration/anger. He cuts himself to quiet the 'Flames' in his blood. I suspect that he probably has some form of autism but was never been helped in any way. My heart broke for his poor battered soul.
This story doesn't pull any punches. It's raw and lays bare all their demons. But it was necessary, I think, for them to heal.
I loved how Tillie Cole threaded an almost beautiful, fairy tale quality underneath the pain. I loved watching them heal each other.
I cried in parts of this story but was left with a huge smile on my face at the end. She is a very talented writer and it shows through in the quality of her stories.
I also find myself questioning things a bit after reading these books. I enjoy thought provoking reads and this is definitely that.
I've seen myself that there is no good and evil, there is no black and white. Just blurred lines. The people who we should be able to trust the most betray that trust but the ones we were taught to fear become our saviours. Food for thought maybe?
Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed this and finished it in one sitting.
I would definitely recommend this but heed the warnings. If you are easily shocked this won't be for you.
I look forward to the next book in the series


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