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Release Day Blitz - Phoenix's Fate by Dawn Sullivan

Title: Phoenix’s Fate By: Dawn Sullivan Release Day: September 30th, 2014 Hosted By: Author Sandra Love
RARE:  Rescue and Retrieval Extractions
             -they took on the missions that               no one else wanted and did not               stop until the job was done
After a long stint in the military, Phoenix hooked up with RARE so he could continue to do what he did best…..Rescuing people and dispensing punishment to those who deserved it.  However, lately he had been feeling like something was missing in his However, lately he had been feeling like something was missing in his life.  Serenity had been running for several years from her pack who wanted to use her for her special healing abilities, and from a psychotic wolf shifter who insisted she was his mate.  She had not realized there were worse things to be running from until she was kidnapped by the General’s men.  After several months of being held in captivity, a rescue attempt was made by RARE at the facility where she and …

Blog Tour! Troianne by Crystal Miles Gauthier

Title: Troianne Author: Crystal Miles GauthierRelease Date: August 3, 2014Blog Tour: September 26th-30th Hosted By: Author Sandra Love

He said all the right things...
Then left her alone.

Troianne Shelden is your everyday, intelligent student. With a love for history and stunning figure, she's a catch for any guy. But after a night of passion with a handsome stranger, introduced to her by their mutual friends, she finds herself pregnant with nowhere to turn for advice.

Her parents passed away long ago and, soon after Troianne finds out she's pregnant, her grandmother passes, too. Left with a large inheritance, she looks forward to life with her new baby.

Fate takes the wheel when she goes into labor. On her way to the hospital, she passes out from intense pain and wakes up in a very different place...

The next thing she knows, she's hearing carriage wheels and voice shouting for help. Lightning illuminates the inside of what was, only moments before, the back of a taxi cab. When t…

Release Blitz! - Warped - Book Two Of The Manipulation Trilogy by Alicia Taylor & Natalie Townson

Title: Warped - The Manipulation Trilogy Book Two Authors: Alicia Taylor & Natalie Townson Genre: Romantic Suspense.
Synopsis: I won’t be caught off guard again. I won’t let them win. They played the first round and won. Now it’s time for me to even the score. Damon and Leona will pay for their twisted games. Leona is first. His touch repulses me.  His fake affection disgusts me.  He sickens me. I need to get my head in the game. I need to be smart and break their bond to more easily crush them. Damon is clever. He knows what he’s doing. He’s been playing the game long enough. He’s twisted.  I’m warped. It’s time to finally end this.  Time to finally win.

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“I need you,” I say as my hands glide over the planes of his chest, each muscle tightening under my palms.
“I know what you need, beauty,” he growls.
Damon squeezes my arse before one of his hands slides down the back of my thigh. He grips the back of my knee and brings my leg up to hook around his hip.…

Special Cover Reveal - Dirty Secret by Emma Hart

We are so excited to announce a brand new series from NYT Bestselling Author Emma Hart!!! 

Release Date: Dec 1, 2014

Conner Burke never expected Sofie Callahan to come back.
Where she’s been for the last two and half years is a mystery, and so is the reason she left in the first place. Now, though, she’s back in their hometown of Shelton Bay, South Carolina, at the same time Conner’s band Dirty B is home on a tour break.
Sofie Callahan has spent the months since her father’s death avoiding anything to do with her home town. But with her brother in Afghanistan, she has no choice but to return and sort out her father’s house, even if it means facing the boy she fell in love with and revealing the reason she left.
Conner has questions, and when his broken heart and her guilty one collide, Sofie has to start answering them. Their present is rocky, their future unknown. Only one thing is certain:
Sofie’s daughter will change everything.



Cover Reveal! Poles Apart by Kirsty Moseley

Title: Poles ApartType: StandaloneAuthor: Kirsty MoseleyGenre: New Adult RomanceCover Design: Okay CreationsRelease Date: November 18th 2014 He’s pole position…Carson Matthews, the hottest driver ever to hit the MotoGP circuit, is living the carefree, celebrity lifestyle. With little to worry about, other than keeping himself top of the leader board, his favourite weekend pastime is visiting a certain blonde at Angels Gentlemen’s Club. She’s a pole dancer…Emma Bancroft, a part-time lap dancer, is just trying to make ends meet. Her responsibilities weigh heavily on her, as does the secret she’s kept from everyone for the last two and a half years. The two of them are poles apart. A new full length, New Adult romance from international bestselling author Kirsty Moseley.
AmazonUS | AmazonUK | iBooks | Kobo | B&N | Google PlayKirsty Moseley has always been a passionate reader since she was a little girl, devouring books overnight, barely sleeping and paying for it at school the next da…