Review of Transcendence by Shay Savage

My review of Transcendence by Shay Savage.
I have had this book on my tbr pile for a good while but was slightly put off reading it for the very reasons I one-clicked it in the first place. It's a lot different from the norm and I wasn't sure from reading the blurb whether it would actually work or not. The reviews were good though so this convinced me.
The story centres around the main character Ehd, a caveman struggling on his own after losing his entire tribe to a fire. He finds a young women in a trap that he has set and it is immediately obvious that this woman is different from any other that he has ever encountered. The entire story is told in a first person narrative from his point of view.
The woman's name is Elizabeth but Ehd has difficulty pronouncing this as he can barely speak, communicating only in grunts and basic word sounds. He settles on calling her Beh and decides that she will be his mate. She is obviously terrified and speaks in strange "sounds" to Ehd. It's obvious that she is not from this place or even this time. I love the way that he thinks "My mate is weird".
They learn to communicate with each other and their journey is both poignant and funny. I enjoyed their story as they learned to trust, love and help each other despite their difficulties communicating.
This is a very cleverly written book in that, for obvious reasons, there was very little dialogue so the usual way of getting to know and connect with the characters wasn't there. But this was very well done. You learn each of Ehd's and Beh's characters through his own internal thoughts.
In some books I have found long internal monologues to be boring but it was not the case here. My interest was engaged from start to finish and this is a truly unique and lovely story and as I said before very cleverly written.
I would definitely recommend this book for anyone looking for a great story that is unique and different from the usual :)

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