My Writing.


I thought I would share with you some of my own writing. I'm currently writing a trilogy of stories which I have called "The Guardian Trilogy". These stories are paranormal/sci-fi romances. The first story Chosen will be a novella and the other two books will be novel length. They all can be read as standalones (I hate cliffies lol) although there will be and underlying story arc that will go through all the books.
As a writing exercise I wrote a prologue to help with my back story and character building and I would like to share it with you. It hasn't been been edited properly as it was just written as an exercise but I would love to run it by you and see what you think so please excuse any typos etc lol.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

Copyright © 2014 C. R. Fenner. All rights reserved.


 Chapter One

 A gentle breeze rolled over a sea of endless boiling lava. “Yessss,” the wind sighed. The soundless exclamation resonating through the scorching air.

The breeze strengthened into a swirling vortex of wind, climbing high up to the sky, growing in size and power until an enormous storm was created.

In the eye of the storm small streaks of lightning were drawn as if by magic towards a brightly glowing sphere of pure energy.

The energy gazed upon the planet beneath it. It was perfect. Aeons had passed since a planet like this had been found. It was in its infancy now but the energy could see its future. In that moment the decision was made.

The energy summoned its brethren. Calling out between dimensions. Beckoning all to come and view this new place.

In all directions around it other energy spheres appeared. Their excitement was palpable. It could almost be tasted. They glowed, colours constantly changing. A kaleidoscope of beautiful hues filling the skies.

We will settle here, they thought collectively.

The spheres began to fly around at great speed. Crashing in to each other. Each collision breaking off minute pieces of energy. Millions of tiny lights filling the skies, a beautiful glittering shower.

The lights were drawn to each other as if by a magnetic force, intermingling into a glowing whirlpool of colour.

Spheres were still crashing together, creating more and more lights.  One collision created a much larger explosion than the others, breaking a chunk of energy nearly a third of the size of the sphere away, before it quickly flew away to join the whirlpool.

The energy’s light began to dim, the colours starting to fade.  The frantic collisions ceased immediately as the other spheres rushed to aid their fallen ally. Surrounding it, they sent waves of their own power towards it, watching as it began to glow brightly again.  They sighed in relief.  That had been a close call.

A murmur began to travel through their thoughts.  Some will need to stay and oversea this planets future.

The first to come forward next to the whirlpool was the one that had almost been destroyed.  “I will stay,” it said, “this planet has given me a sign that it wants me to stay.”  The others glowed bright blue in agreement to this.

Slowly eleven more came forward, volunteering themselves to stay.

All the other spheres merged together to form an immense incandescent flame lighting the sky.  “You have vowed to remain and protect this planet,” the merging energy had become one enormous entity, “you are the Guardians.  It is your duty to protect the life that you bring here.”  A bolt of pure white light was aimed towards the whirlpool of tiny energy particles.  “This is the sea of souls, you will help ease their way into their mortal bodies and help them to return home when their lifespan has ended.  You will keep order here and protect it with all that you have.  Come forward and tell us your names.”  A name was not important to the collective consciousness but when they took the decision to stay in one place they became individual for the first time in their existence.

The first to choose came forward and gave a name, “Shimara.”  The others followed, each speaking in turn, “Lenarda,” “Gollial,” “Daven,” “Rashiel,” “Benarth,” “Felina,” “Valarn,” “Caelen,” “Madlon,” “Jodrin,” “Zarmal.”
“We are honoured by your choice,” the energy told them, “we will leave this place now in your care.”
The sky began to dim as the huge entity began to separate and disperse into the blackness of the vast universe.

 Chapter Two

 The Guardians watched over the planet as it evolved through the ages.  They gave it a name, Earth.  The molten lava cooled, leaving a barren nothingness behind.  A blank canvass ready for their intervention.  They injected their energy into the atmosphere.  The earth absorbed it greedily, like a child suckling its mother’s milk.  A chain reaction began and in the primordial gloop the genesis of life was formed.

The twelve guarded the sea of souls through millions of years, patiently waiting for life to be ready to accept the tiny pieces of themselves.  The injection of pure energy that would give that life the gift of individuality and choice.

Shimara was rippling with excitement, her colours changing constantly, quicker than an eye could follow.  It was time.  Earth had evolved a perfect being to become a host to the souls.  Humans.  No longer savage apes, they were ready.

She had seen in the memories of her kind this moment in many planets histories, but this would be the first time she would view it herself.  She knew that in the sea of souls was a huge chunk of her energy, much larger than the other tiny souls.  The collision that had created it had nearly ended her existence.

As with all her kind she loved and protected the souls as a parent would their child, but that soul held a special fascination for her.  It had been the reason she had decided to stay here after all.  The souls would make the choice themselves as to when they were ready to join their mortal bodies and she would have to wait patiently for that soul to be born.  They all had concerns.  None knew of anything in their history like this.  Would the frail human body be strong enough to withstand the power of the energy inside it?  Would it self-destruct?  They did not know.   Shimara would have to wait and see.  But she vowed to herself that she would try with everything she had to give the soul the life it deserved.

The Guardians surrounded the sea of souls, sending gentle pulses of energy towards it, telling the souls it was time.  Tiny glittering lights left the others and began to drift down to the earth in a twinkling shower of colour, visible only to their kind. Stunningly beautiful.
Good luck sweet ones, they thought in unison.

One Guardian chose to absent himself from their activities. Rashiel.  He had been sombre recently.  Withdrawn and reluctant to join the others excitement.  They were concerned for him.  He could feel the worry but chose to ignore it.  Brooding in silence and closing himself off from their minds.

“He is unhappy,” Lenarda whispered to Shimara, “we must care for him.”

“Yes,” Shimara replied.

“We must observe him closely.  The souls will sense his discontent and absorb it.”

Rashiel was aware that they were discussing him, his colours glowing dark crimson with displeasure.

Let us speak no more of this, Lenarda sent the thought to Shimara’s mind.  Shimara silently agreed with her.

As the years passed many more souls made their way to their mortal lives, returning when their time on Earth expired.  Ready for the next life that they would choose, continuing in an endless loop of life, death and rebirth.

 Chapter Three

Rashiel’s discontent grew over time until it began to eat him up inside.  Why had he decided to stay here?  He regretted that decision with everything that was in him.  How he missed his days of wondering the universe.  Hated the fact that he was now tied to this planet.  An impulsive choice that would cost him dearly for the rest of his limitless existence.

He looked at the planet in disgust.  The others adored it and the miserable humans that inhabited it, while he detested everything about it.  An endless prison, he could see nothing good about it at all.

The others were discussing him, had been for aeons.  He hated them too.  Hated their stupid do-gooding ways and eternal optimism.  It sickened him.

Lenarda approached him.  “We are worried Rashiel.  Will you tell us what is troubling you?”

He laughed bitterly.  “Troubling me?  What are you going to do about it?  You cannot help me!  Go away!  I hate you!”

Her colours changed quickly in her anxiety.  “Then you leave us no choice Rashiel.  We will have to shackle you.  Your anger is affecting the souls, bringing negative emotions to the Earth.  We cannot allow that,” they drew closer to him, “I am sorry,” Lenarda finished.

No!  He could not allow them to shackle him.  Shackling involved them placing him in a large field of energy with no escape.  All his power drained.  He searched his mind for an answer.  Desperate to think of a way before they got to him.  And then it came to him.  “I will make you regret this!” he snarled before disappearing completely from the sky.

The other Guardians searched frantically for him.

“Where is he?” they asked together as one.
Shimara followed the tiny trails of his energy until she came to a shocking conclusion. “Oh no!”

“What is it?” the others asked.

“He has gone to Earth,” she whispered.

The others screamed silently in their minds in response to this.

“If he takes on human form,” this from Gollial, “he will be practically omnipotent.  He will wreak havoc there.”

“Yes,” Shimara agreed.

Lenarda spoke.  “One of us must go there too.  We must protect the planet.  It is our vow.  We must stop him.”

They all regretted that they had not acted before now.  They had not realised how much Rashiel’s hatred had grown.  They had put Earth in great danger.

“We are not capable of destroying him,” Benarth noted.

In that moment it became clear to Shimara.  “You cannot, but I can.”

The other Guardians confusion was obvious from there muted colours.  Shimara gazed back at them.  “We cannot join together to destroy him.  Only someone stronger than him can do it.”

“We know that,” Lenarda replied, “but we all lost too much of ourselves creating the souls.”

“Yes you did, but I did not,” Shimara knew what she had to do, “I only lost one piece.  If I can find that piece, my energy, I will be powerful enough to stop him.”

“It could work,” Caelen agreed.
“It will work!”

Lenarda spoke again.  “It will not be easy.  You will have to wait on Earth until the child is born.  You will be able to summon us but we cannot contact you.  And then you will have to find it before Rashiel does.  He will be able to sense the energy and will seek to destroy it.”

“I know.  I understand what I have to do.  In the mean time I will have to try to limit the damage that he will cause.  I must leave now,” she finished.

“Good luck our sister,” the Guardians said.

With that she was gone.

 Chapter Four

The year on earth was nineteen-eighty-two.  The Guardians watched as the huge chunk of Shimara’s energy left the sea of souls on its journey to its life.  Seconds later the faint sound of a baby’s cry came to them.
They looked at one another.  “And so it begins,” they spoke as one.