Happy release day to Billionaire Unmasked by J. S. Scott!

Jason Sutherland is a billionaire investor who has it all: good looks, billions of dollars, and every expensive toy a man could ever want. What he doesn’t have is the one thing he wants the most: Hope Sinclair. Unfortunately Hope, the little sister of his best friend, was off limits. But when he finds out that she’s getting married, he decides that he’s staking his claim before it’s too late, and it will take more than a little deception and risk to accomplish his goal. Hope could end up hating his guts, but after spending one forbidden night with her that he can’t forget, he knows he has to try to make her his forever.

Hope Sinclair was born into money, but being rich has never made her happy. The one thing she wants is a man to care about her and not her bank account. The closest thing she’s ever found to real happiness was the magical, passionate night she’d spent in the arms of Jason Sutherland…until that night turned into heartbreak. So when he unexpectedly comes back into her life in the strangest of ways, Hope is determined to resist her attraction to him.

Thrown together by Jason’s deception and with their passion still burning hot, can the two of them survive after the billionaire is unmasked?

My Review
I've read all of the Billionaire's Obsession Series and enjoyed all of them and I have to say that they just keep on getting better and better.
We've been introduced to both Jason and Hope before in the series and I was super intrigued to read their story.
They have both harboured feelings for each other for years but due to many reasons neither have acted upon these feelings, apart from one passionate night after a new years party. When Jason hears that Hope has got engaged he decides enough is enough and takes drastic measures to make sure that Hope finally starts to understand how he feels.
I loved Both Jason and Hope. They were both strong, likeable characters that I could connect with. Jason is a typical alpha-male but I love that he has a softer side and is not afraid to show it to Hope.
Hope is strong but compassionate and sweet and has major issues that she needs to overcome.
I really enjoyed reading their journey. It was both funny and poignant. And as with all J. S. Scott's books is super hot.
I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it and look forward to more stories in this great series :)

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