Eternal Mates Series by Felicity Heaton

Who likes paranormal romance? Well you don't get much better than Felicity Heaton. Her world building is brilliant. Her characters are excellent. Her stories are full of action and emotion. She's one of my favourite authors and I've enjoyed all of her books.
She introduced a new series last year. Her Eternal Mates Series. The story world in this series was originally started in her 6 book Vampire Erotic Theatre series but, while that series was limited to the theatre, this one explores a much larger world containing elves, demons and various shifters to name but a few.
There are 3 books so far in the series with many more to come. The first book is Kissed by a Dark Prince followed by Claimed by a Demon King and Tempted by a Rogue Prince (my favourite so far because I'm a bit in love with Vail).
This is a really great series and I look forward to the rest of the books that are to come. Recommended :)
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